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Our foray with ducks started with a few Indian runner ducklings. They were adorable and so fun to watch waddling in line all over the farm! In time, they started laying eggs and customers began to seek them out.  We received a call from a local chef looking for duck eggs and decided we would try scaling up. 

Raising waterfowl versus chickens is a whole different world.  They grow much faster and are much much messier!

​Their eggs are different too. Duck eggs are larger with a harder shell and tend to contain even higher amounts of some nutrients than chicken eggs, including folate, iron, and vitamin B12. Some people who cannot eat chicken eggs find they can tolerate duck eggs.

The majority of our laying flock is housed on pasture. They are a mix of hybrid laying ducks that produce almost an egg a day at peak production. They have access to fresh pasture and plenty of water. 

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