The Milk House

Our family moved to this farm in 2011 with a mission is to create a sustainable family-centered farm that provides ethically raised food and educational opportunities for the community. Our intention is to welcome and connect with local consumers and learners as well as provide supplemental income for our family.

We are excited to share our vision with the community and to educate interested guests about the diversity on our farm, which was once one of many small dairy farms scattered throughout the area. The milk house was originally built sometime before the 1950s. Cows were walked from the barn to the parlor, tied to a stanchion, fed, and milked. After they were returned to the barn, the floor was washed and the water was carried away through the floor drains. We decided the story this building told was worth preserving and sharing as an ideal space for visitors and overnight guests. 

Because sustainability is an important part of our mission, rather than build a new structure we opted to remodel the original building, incorporating repurposed materials from our farm, including the old tin from our barn roof, weathered old siding, and planks from the haymow. Powered in part by the sun, the Milk House offers guests the comfort of modern amenities with these reminders of the past.

We hope your stay on Lucky Star Farm is special and that you will leave with a smile on your face and a deeper appreciation of small farms and the Iowa countryside.

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