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The business started with a winning sales pitch at the University of Iowa Entrepreneur Camp. The judges loved the idea of a young girl raising chickens and awarded her $100 seed money to buy a dozen chicks and some grain. Initially we sold eggs to a few friends, but word soon got out. Now the Golden Egg has expanded to about 125 laying hens and a small flock of Indian runner ducks to provides eggs to more than forty families. 

The hens are raised on our three-acre pasture. A big tarp-covered hoop house on wheels protects them from the elements as well as provides space to lay their eggs and roost at night. They have a natural diet of bugs, greens and worms supplemented with organic grain from a local feed mill. Three hundred feet of portable solar charged electric fencing keeps predators at bay while allowing us to move the hoop house frequently, evenly spreading the manure throughout the field as well as providing the hens with fresh pasture. When the temperature drops, they are moved closer to the barns for shelter and convenience. 

We collect eggs daily, candle them for quality and package them for delivery. Customers on the mailing list receive weekly updates and place orders for Thursday morning deliveries. Want to learn more about what true pasture raised looks like? Catch this five minute video.