We have a small but entertaining herd of goats here at Lucky Star Farm. We started our herd with three Nigerian Dwarf kids in the summer of 2014. Nigerians produce sweet milk high in butterfat. Because of their smaller size, they require less food and space than standard breeds so they are a popular choice for smaller homesteads. We love them because their colorings are so unique and they have great personalities. Our Nigerian herd currently consists of four milking does, four kids, a wether, and a buck. 

​​In the spring of 2015 we expanded our herd with a couple of new doelings. Natalie entered an essay contest sponsored by the Iowa Dairy Goat Association and won an Alpine kid named Daisy! Alpines are a hardy standard sized breed that produces a large quantity of milk. Since we can’t have just one of anything, we purchased April, another Alpine doeling. Her first freshening was in the spring of 2017, and she has been a great producer for our family. In the fall of 2015, we purchased Sunny, a five-year-old Appaloosa llama.  She spends her days keeping watch over the herd as they graze in the pasture.


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