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We have a small, entertaining herd of goats here at Lucky Star Farm! We started with three Nigerian Dwarf kids in the summer of 2014.  Because of their smaller size, they require less food and space than standard breeds so they are a popular choice for smaller homesteads. Nigerian dwarfs produce sweet milk high in butterfat and protein. We also love them because they are beautiful and have great personalities. 

Our closed herd currently consists of sixteen goats.  Goats are bred in the fall and kid (give birth) about 150 days later.  Nigerian dwarfs typically have multiple births - anywhere from one to five kids at a time.  At about two weeks of age when nursing is established and kids are thriving, they are separated from their mamas overnight. I machine milk daily each morning and after milking time kids are returned to the rest of the herd.  

The goats are raised with their mamas until weaning at about eight weeks. Many of our goats go to families to show at their county fair, to people who want to start or add to their existing dairy herds, or as entertaining pets to browse on weeds.